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Welcome to MCAT High School, within the Marana Unified School District! To continue to serve our student’s needs and provide additional academic choice, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of MCAT High School to include 10-12th grades and more Career Technical programs! Beginning fall 2019, the school expanded to include 10th grade students and added Robotics, Construction, Computer Networking, and Dental Assisting career technical programs! 

As a fully accredited learning environment, MCAT High School is committed to ensuring 10-12th grade students have the academic knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, career, and life. Educators and staff offer the highest quality, inspiring, and enriching education within a more flexible program of study than in a traditional school learning environment. Within this personalized educational experience for the 21st century learner, students have a variety of options to retrieve high school credits and complete their goal of earning a diploma in a timely manner. 

MCAT, home of the Cheetahs, also incorporates student mobile devices and collaborative modern furniture, into comprehensive, relevant instruction. Students have access to a full-time Master level counselor, health services, and more. MCAT also takes great pride in an AZ Gold Award for fidelity of implementation of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports. 

As a Marzano High Reliability School that has achieved Level 1 certification, creating a Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative culture, we are committed to transforming our school into an organization that take proactive steps to ensure student success. Level 1 certification is the foundation for every level that follows. Without such a culture, student achievement will be compromised.

Whether a student is falling behind in high school courses, seeking a smaller personalized learning experience, concerned of not graduating on time, or not excelling in the traditional high school environment, MCAT’s flexible, unique, accelerated learning environment is the place to be! There is so much to share about our wonderful school…we welcome you and your child to visit our campus today. 

Personalized & Flexible Learning Environment

Our vision of “Changing lives through personal commitment” reflects MCAT's dedication to providing personalized learning opportunities in a supportive environment where students can succeed as contributing members of their community. This dedication is reflected through an individualized program in which academic progress, good attendance, and a positive, respectful attitude are evident. 

At MCAT, students are challenged, teaching is focused on individual student achievement, and relationships are key to student success. Teachers work closely with students in small groups; thereby establishing strong relations and promoting their learning goals. Students have a variety of options to retrieve high school credits and complete their goal of earning a diploma in a timely way. Learning at MCAT is accelerated through different formats: Direct Instruction in 9-week instructional blocks of time; or through various online programs used in the Marana School District. 

MCAT Graduates Academic Programs 

MCAT provides the pathway to prepare students to successfully pursue college, military, or enter the workplace. This fully accredited instructional program accommodates 10-12th grade students who are behind their cohort academically, but also students of all academic levels and abilities that thrive in a non-traditional program. 

English, Math, Science, and Social Studies courses are taught by appropriately certified and dedicated teachers within direct instruction learning spaces. This provides students’ access and support to instructors in each of the content areas. If a student prefers to work independently, MCAT offers options for online classes or other blended models. Independent coursework can be completed daily in the computer lab or in addition to other assigned classes. MCAT offers a daily “Academic Exploration” period, which allows students additional time to learn or seek out teachers for tutoring and assistance. Dental Assisting Program 

High School credits are awarded quarterly through AdvancEd, the nationwide organization that accredits high schools. Diplomas are equivalent to those earned from other high schools. The diploma earned at MCAT supports student admission into post-secondary options including college, military, workforce, and other training programs. 

Much of the success of this flexible, unique program is built on its purposeful instruction, small school size, and dedicated staff. 

Career and Technical Education

Through the District’s award-winning Career and Technical Education programs and a partnership with the Pima County Joint Technical Education District, students have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications, as well as internships and work-study programs. Students are offered instruction in Robotics, Construction, Computer Networking, and Dental Assisting. These state-of-the-art programs ensure that when students graduate they are equipped with the necessary skills to enter college or the workforce having had exposure to real-life experiences. 

Mobile Devices Mobile Devices

Access to individual mobile devices supports a student’s ability to easily and comfortably connect with their teacher, fellow students, and content; thereby providing an unparalleled learning experience.  Whether doing research, collaborating with other students or teachers about important ideas or concepts, or looking up curricular content, mobile devices deepen the learning experience through higher levels of engagement and rigor. 

Real-World Learning & Activities

Students at MCAT High School participate in a variety of real-world hands-on activities including a Teacher Assistant Program, Entrepreneurship, Garden Club, Student Leadership and more!