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MCAT Academic Programming

Academic programming to meet the needs of each learner. Options are offered in classroom learning environments where teachers are present to guide learning in person, each day.

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Automation & Robotics
Career & Technical Education
Award-winning Career and Technical Education programs prepare students to enter the workforce with the academic and career skills needed to compete successfully in the job market.
Post Secondary Planning
Post Secondary Planning

The Post Secondary Planning Center takes an active approach to make sure students are thinking about plans after graduation. 85% of last year’s graduates were accepted to college.

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Students at Graduation
Graduation Requirements

A minimum number of units of credit are required for graduation by the Arizona State Board of Education. Students must complete a minimum of 22 units/credits in order to receive a high school diploma. 

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As a fully accredited learning environment, MCAT High School is committed to ensuring 10-12th grade students have the academic knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college, career, and life. 

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